Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Rules Of The Road Trip

Wed, 31 Dec 2008 16:36:37 -0800
Rules Of The Road Trip Author: Haley 31 Dec Traveling with children is a very complicatedactivity. You have to learn the right techniques to be quite successful and ensure that the trip stays safe and enjoyable for everyone. Having 3 kids of my own, it took me a while to determine the right methods to teach them propermanners and the right behavior. You may be surprised how your own kids can respond well if you approach them in the most friendly and matured tone you can muster. Preparin

Apple stock drops with annoucement of Jobs' health

Tue, 30 Dec 2008 12:01:38 -0800
Google finance shows apple stock plummeting right after the rumor about Jobs' in poor health.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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True Mom confessions

Tue, 30 Dec 2008 15:35:46 -0800
God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. ~Jewish Proverb No pressure, right? Motherhood is many things: joyful, rewarding, exhausting and exhilarating. But let’s face it: motherhood can be HARD, yo. Many moms suppress their stress, but we all need an occasional outlet. That’s exactly what True Mom Confessions is: a place for moms to vent, anonymously, about the trivial: with each baby i get uglier and uglier the tortured: Ever since I became a mom, I am not such a big fan of

Why Online Ads Are Weathering the Recession

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 06:31:41 -0800
In most media, 2009 will bring unkind cuts, and Madison Avenue will never be the same. But Internet advertising seems to be holding up

What you need to know about cheap contacts

Cats given kiss of life

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 13:28:13 -0800
Six pet cats were given the kiss of life by firemen after being overcome by smoke when fire broke out at a house

Statement from Humayra Abedin, NHS doctor forced into marriage in Bangladesh (Guardian Unlimited)

Tue, 30 Dec 2008 03:05:24 -0800
Statement released by lawyers acting on behalf of Humayra Abedin, an NHS doctor held captive for four months by her parents in Bangladesh before being forced into marriage

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Coke-Sniffing Dogs and the Fourth Amendment

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 09:02:55 -0800
Any time an appellate court hands down a ruling involving drug-sniffing dogs, I pay attention. Not for personal reasons, mind you—strictly a political junkie here—but because I've long been interested in the unique (or sui generis, as the courts prefer) legal status of the dog-sniff.

Halo Pets Products, free shipping + $25 gift card

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 16:25:08 -0800
Hi, David Yaskulka from Halo here. I just wanted to alert folks here to our best online sale of the year. As you may know, The Halo Purely For Pets blog is the place to go for up to date information on the topic of holistic pet care. Enjoy!

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GE Capital Solutions Commercial Distribution Finance Launches New Distribution Finance Program to Help EFI Resellers (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 13:12:00 -0800
HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill.----GE Capital Solutions, Commercial Distribution Finance will launch a no interest-financing program for qualified distributors of EFI Inkjet products. The new program, which includes terms to 120 days, will start on January 1, 2009, the company announced today.

Gay couple waits to see if marriage will remain valid (Gayapolis)

Mon, 29 Dec 2008 09:15:43 -0800
The marriage license that may or may not withstand Proposition 8 is framed and rests atop a display that includes a guest book, a wedding photo and leis worn by the two grooms.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Pets to breathe easier with help of gift to firefighters (The Columbus Dispatch)

Sun, 28 Dec 2008 01:10:53 -0800
After years of trying to fit oxygen masks made for humans onto pets or pushing plastic tubes down animals' throats, the Columbus Division of Fire will receive 21 masks to help resuscitate pets rescued from fires.

Portable N64 Handheald Is A Battery Away From Perfection

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:42:44 -0800
Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck is growing disciples like Chia Pets, and his forum poster SifuF's new Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R is an incredible little portable N64. We're sure he's made the Heckster proud.

Russian finance minister: Big 2009 deficit (UPI)

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 12:45:22 -0800
MOSCOW, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Russia's finance minister predicted a large budget deficit in 2009 and said Saturday the economy might be at its lowest point since World War II.

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Lebanese man in sham marriage to Houston exotic dancer questioned (Houston Chronicle)

Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:41:12 -0800
Federal investigators say he has acknowledged attending a jihad training camp, being a sniper in Afghanistan and helping train a group seeking to overthrow the Lebanese government.

Canine Corps Helps Pets Left Behind During Warti

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 03:31:25 -0800
There's a place in Perry County where some four-legged friends are just looking for a little love and attention. These folks provide care for the pets of people serving in the military so they will not have to give up their animals while they are overseas. They also help senior and disabled pets and work to find forever homes for them - Awesome!

Behind the $700 billion bailout

Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:38:50 -0800
Recent reports of the $700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bailout of the U.S. banking system compels me to write a little (depending on what you think is "a little") about how finance works in the U.S. (Yes, I am aware that the actual number "only" has 12 digits in it.) Well, noticing how much I wrote it isn't a little, but it should provide you

Saturday, December 27, 2008

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How To Lose Weight Quickly And Prevent Health Hazard

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 16:30:15 -0800
How To Lose Weight Quickly And Prevent Health Hazard The amazing miracle weight loss system that can make you lose 10 pounds in 10 days no matter what you eat! Eat as much as you want, eat more than you want, eat double what you want, and still lose weight with no exercise! Drop one pant size in a day, but beware because this might work so well you'll pop out of existence! If these advertising claims are true then fast weight loss is a miracle reality of the modern world, requiring no effort

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Free Egreetings, Ecards, Greetings and Cards

Thu, 25 Dec 2008 20:50:41 -0800
There's nothing better than receiving a special handpicked eCard from your loved ones! Whether you're looking for a hilarious birthday eCard for a friend, a get well message to an under the weather loved one, or a congratulatory pat on the back, we help you in finding that special eCard that conveys the perfect message.

Holiday Travelers Stymied by Weather

Thu, 25 Dec 2008 07:45:29 -0800
Severe weather caused scattered delays and cancellations at airports and railroad stations across the country.

Marriage splintered over man's stunning revelation (Los Angeles Times)

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 00:21:49 -0800
Bruce Pardo's wife was appalled to learn that years earlier he had abandoned a brain-damaged son but still claimed him as a tax write-off. He was a software engineer who liked SUVs and went to Mass on Sundays. She was a secretary with a quick mind and an infectious laugh. When Bruce Pardo married Sylvia Orza three years ago, the match seemed ideal -- right down to the housing arrangements: He ...

Friday, December 26, 2008

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Rains loom over RP - state weather forecaster (GMA News)

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 16:00:10 -0800
MANILA, Philippines - Cloudy weather with isolated rainshowers loom over several parts of the country Saturday, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said.

Mountain bikes: Trek Fuel EX 8 2008

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 09:59:26 -0800
Description: (from - ZR 9000 Alloy main frame; ZR 9000 swingarm w/120mm travelFront Suspension - Fox Float 130 RL w/air pressure, rebound, lockout, 130mmRear Shock - Fox Float RPL w/air pressure, Pro Pedal, rebound, lockoutWheels - Bontrager RaceCrank - Shimano Deore LX 44/32/22Rear Derailleur - Shimano XT Shadow

Eric Holder: A Political Capital Drain. . . on Steroids

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 12:08:39 -0800
Eric Holder: A Political Capital Drain. . . on Steroids

Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Obama And The Politics Of Being Biracial (NPR)

Thu, 18 Dec 2008 11:39:06 -0800
President-elect Barack Obama defines himself as African-American. His mother is a white American, and his father is a black African. This hits a nerve with some people, who wonder why Obama doesn't use the term biracial to describe his race.

Real change? Dynasty politics under Obama (Politico via Yahoo! News)

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 01:31:00 -0800
Although he ran as a herald of change, Barack Obama is poised to preside over a period of dynasty politics that’s unusual even by Washington standards.

Monday, December 15, 2008

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Election Coverage

Thu, 20 May 2004 00:00:01 -0700
Washington (PRWEB) May 31, 2004 -- See

Wurstkuche: Mmm, Beer. Mmm, Sausages. Mmm, Bacon.

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 16:10:22 -0800
Have you noticed how it’s fuh-reeezing outside? You know what’s the best way to keep warm? Pad on the fat. At least that’s my excuse for pigging out during the holidays. And there’s no better way to get that extra cozy layer than by consuming bratwurst, double-dipped Belgian fries and some fine holiday ale. New downtown sausage place, Wurstkuche (pronounced “verst-ker-sheh,” I think, but I still call it “worst coochay” heh), couldn’t have come at a more perfect time — winter — when your body

The Lighthouse Devoured by Sand PICS]

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 12:09:28 -0800
Poking its red head up through the shifting sands of Denmark’s weathered coast is the most useless lighthouse in the world. The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse sits 60 meters above sea level on top of Lønstrup Klint on the edge of the North Sea, and is just about visible to those on land by day, never mind passing ships in the night.

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The pervert's grand tour of Europe

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 10:51:16 -0800
Sex has always been the unspoken inspiration for travel ...

Time Travel: From Old TV Sets To Concept TV’s

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 10:19:31 -0800
Sometimes it’s extremely interesting to go back in time and compare the devices we had in past with the modern ones. In this article we’re going to show you what TV’s used to look like at the very dawn of the industry and what devices we have finally come to.

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President Elect Obama’s Choices

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 16:02:49 -0800
Here are today’s appointments: Subject: President-Elect Barack Obama Announces Key Members of Energy andEnvironment Team President-Elect Barack Obama Announces Key Members of Energy and Environment Team CHICAGO - Today, President-elect Barack Obama announced key members of his energy and environment team, including Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy; Lisa Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator; Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Q

How to Create Digital Photos for Christmas Cards

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 14:20:54 -0800
Want to send a special Christmas card this season that shows how the children have grown or share a picture of the new family pet? It's really easy to create digital photos and make them into Christmas cards. It just takes a few minutes to click, download, upload, and send them to the nearest photo center.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Candidates in General Election meet campaign finance deadlines (Leelanau Enterprise)

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 14:01:07 -0800
All the local political candidates who amassed more than $1,000 in campaign coffers during this year’s General Election cycle filed “post election” campaign finance statements with the county clerk by a state-imposed deadline last Thursday afternoon.

Traveling with pets using airline approved pet carriers

Sat, 13 Dec 2008 16:58:33 -0800
Your pet is part of your family, you love him unconditionally and you would want nothing bad to happen to him on his trip.

Gay Marriage

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 04:38:21 -0800
A short article on gay marriage

News flash on chicken noodle

Family accused of plotting forced marriage (UPI)

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 09:30:22 -0800
DHAKA, Bangladesh, Dec. 14 (UPI) -- A judge in Bangladesh Sunday ordered a doctor's family to return her British passport and cease efforts to force her into an arranged marriage.

The State of Health Insurance in Missouri

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 08:06:32 -0800
Under Missouri laws, there is no regulation on premium rates. This translates to the right of insurance companies to raise premiums whenever they deem necessary. This is because the state encourages competition within the market and relies on this competition to determine and control premium rates.

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Local politics hindering RP govt efforts vs bird flu - experts (GMA News)

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 01:15:00 -0800
MANILA, Philippines - Politics in the local level has been hindering the government’s efforts to prevent the dreaded bird flu virus from reaching the country’s shores, according to an official from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).

Finest Chocolates

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 04:23:20 -0800
Chocolates are the flavor of Christmas.Chocolate can be used in many types in different food .Chocolate is also good for health because of its anti oxidants.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Philadelphia Personal Finance Examiner:Infrastructure Stocks

Sat, 13 Dec 2008 07:43:29 -0800
Philadelphia Article: Infrastructure Stocks - A Brief Look by local Philadelphia Personal Finance Examiner expert, Chris Barton.

Volunteer Health | Women For World Health Snapshots

Sat, 13 Dec 2008 13:12:46 -0800
Snapshots of Women For World Health Organization a volunteer health organization when they conduct medical missions as well as free surgical operations for those people that have body deformities.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

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You can scratch that kitty off Santa's "nice" list

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 18:25:14 -0800
Professional Santa Jonathan Bebbington can relax: the feline that bit him last weekend at an Atlantic County pet store is neither rabid nor a wild bobcat.

Software Engineer’s marriage Proposal… (Sholay Style)

Thu, 11 Dec 2008 09:16:36 -0800
This is a revised version of shot from Sholay, When Jay (Amitabh) goes to Mausi with the marriage Proposal of Veeru (Dharamendra) with Basanti (Hema). Enjoy

Humidifiers For Healthy Living

Thu, 11 Dec 2008 00:44:02 -0800
The density of water vapors present in air is known as humidity. This density usually varies according to the weather, area where you reside and the prevailing season. Normally, humidity levels are higher in summers and lower in winters.

What you need to know about fruit cake Introduces Vendor Financing Secrets Provided by Business Finance Coach

Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:00:01 -0700
Foothill Ranch, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006 -- announces a tool that allows business owners to know the approval requirements for obtaining vendor lines of credit before they...

UN bans alleged terrorist group suspected in Mumbai attacks

Thu, 11 Dec 2008 11:13:17 -0800
The UN Security Council on Wednesday added the name of a Pakistani charity seen as a front for the group being blamed for the Mumbai terror attacks to its list of entities subject to asset freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo as a terrorist organization.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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American Airlines wants you to pay for their ads

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 15:59:23 -0800
Because I’ve been flying them for years and have platinum status I end up on a lot of American Airlines flights. I check in online and print my own boarding passes from their site to save myself the hassle of lines at the airport. As you might recall many airlines implemented ‘print at home’ passes in the last few years to help cut costs on their end and it’s a good idea. Last weekend I printed a pass and got this: Click through to the photo for additional notes and a larger version. When I

Day Without a Gay, part 2

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 16:17:58 -0800
Here are a few more Day Without a Gay facts and actions to take. Same-sex marriage would “boost California state and local government revenues by over $63.8 million.” Freakonomics, suggests that we all take a Vacation Pledge for Equal Marriage Rights We, the undersigned, promise to vacation in the first state that democratically chooses (by either legislation or voter referendum) to legalize same-sex marriage within three years of the effective date of the legislation. Sign here And Urban

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Photos: Pets, they're just like us!

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 08:22:04 -0800
Our pets seems to become more like people everyday. Here we've captured 27 photos of pets doing all sorts of things that people do from surfing to kicking back at happy hour.

Science, Art, and Spirit at the Bluff Arts Festival, Part Two

Wed, 10 Dec 2008 15:20:02 -0800
Traditionally, two arts have most bent our ear: music, whose relationship with the ear is a long-running whirlwind courtship; and poetry, an art that in its earliest days hung all its hope upon the openness of the aural corridor running to the mind. Music has retained its, shall we say, aural tradition. Few people read the score for Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67” or even the sheet music for Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” to engage those works’ full effects. But Poesy … alas

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Used Pontoon Boats - Pontoon Quick Weather Enclosure 8x8

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 08:41:36 -0800
Our first Black Friday Sale for pontoon enclosures was a huge success, and has only been offered to our client list. Now for one week only we are going to open the doors here for a Post Black Friday Sale. Check it out.

the Netherlands - Kenya December 2008 Travel Pictures

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 13:58:17 -0800
This the Netherlands - Kenya website displays several pages each one containing two comparative (similar, contrastive, ...) photos. Click the "-->"-button on the page opened for the following pictures. Let your thoughts flow freely and enjoy the photos.

Using Far Infrared Ozonated Saunas For Maximum Benefits

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 12:11:11 -0800
In this day and age, people are realizing the need to take a more natural approach to maintaining their overall health.

All about family tree searches

Governor Blagojevich, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Tony Rezko

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 07:55:49 -0800
Barack Obama gained state-wide experience advising Blagojevich who is now under arrest for attempting to sell the President-elects Senate Seat. Also on that campaign was Rahm Emanuel all of which took place under the financing and influence of Tony Rezko.

Marriage Quotes & Quotations

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 12:55:33 -0800
Read 335 quotes and quotations about Marriage

Monday, December 08, 2008

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel patch 2.31.0

Mon, 08 Dec 2008 08:19:23 -0800
This update includes the following changes (changes for all updates can be found here:* Implemented a new ingame options menu.* Added ten new bosses to reward exploration.* Added eight new portals for more convenient travelling around Ancaria.* New “level of detail system” for better general performance.

Rubber & Steel Tracks

Sun, 07 Dec 2008 20:01:11 -0800
The excavation business can involve many challenges including client demands, rising costs,terrain, and weather. However, one challenge that can really hurt the bottom line is downtime due to equipment mishaps.

Disney Segway Lawsuit Settled

Mon, 08 Dec 2008 15:13:59 -0800
The lawsuit against Disney to allow the use of Segways as an ADA assistive device as its themeparks has been settled out of the courtroom. I’ve written about the case quite a bit and so has Keeping Up With Jonas. I don’t think either of us saw a settlement as a potential outcome, but kudos to Disney for working out what appears to be a win-win solution. As part of the deal, Disney will provide disabled visitors alternate access to parks in Florida and Disneyland in California. The new vehicles

Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Honda’s withdrawal in context

Sun, 07 Dec 2008 16:01:58 -0800
I had planned on my next post being the second part of my driver rankings. Unfortunately, real life events have intervened. In the meantime, events have overtaken me as Formula 1 was hit by a huge news story on Friday — Honda’s sudden withdrawal from the sport. Now, normally such an announcement wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. Ever since I started watching Formula 1 in the mid-1990s, I have watched teams and manufacturers come and go on a regular basis. I saw Renault withdraw from the sport

Friday, December 05, 2008

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Rape in a lawless land

Fri, 05 Dec 2008 10:35:53 -0800
Congo: Leah Chishugi, a nurse and survivor of the genocide in Rwanda, travels into the heart of eastern Congo to record the testimony of more than 400 women and girls abused by marauding militias.

Women as Wingmen

Thu, 04 Dec 2008 15:27:42 -0800
One of my favorite pet peeves isn’t a piece of advice; rather, it is an idea. It’s the notion that real men don’t have women friends; a woman is for f***ing, dating long enough to cheat on with all her friends, and that’s about it. In short, anybody that believes this is an idiot and if you don’t have women friends, you’re an idiot, too.

Watch the Parking Meters

Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:20:00 -0800
The big news on the blogosphere today concerns parking meters in Chicago.Matt Yglesias is thrilled. Kevin Drum less so. Drum writesA private company has agreed to give City Hall an upfront payment of almost $1.2 billion to run Chicago's parking meter system for the next 75 years.75 years seems a wee bit excessive to me, and will almost certainly bite Daley in the ass when Morgan Stanley, which put together the winning consortium, packages up the parking meter revenue, securitizes it, rolls it

Thursday, December 04, 2008

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Study: Long-Term Health Risks for Brain-Injured Soldiers (Fox News)

Thu, 04 Dec 2008 09:48:03 -0800
Many of the thousands of troops who suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan are at risk of long-term health problems including depression and Alzheimer's-like symptoms, researchers say.

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The Scientific Study of Political Evil Released

Tue, 18 Apr 2006 00:00:01 -0700
(PRWEB) April 18, 2006 -- The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by...

Rapid Weather Delivers More Service for Commodity Brokers in 2006

Thu, 23 Feb 2006 00:00:01 -0800
Rapid City, SD (PRWEB) February 23, 2006 -- Commercial weather provider Rapid Weather is expanding its commodity broker services for 2006. At a time when many brokers demand instant communication and...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

bed linens in the news

College is F-ing Expensive

Wed, 03 Dec 2008 14:32:24 -0800
A number of reports out today paint a bleak picture of college affordability both now and in the future. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education released a study that showed that college tuition and fees (including housing) has increased 439 percent from 1982 to 2007 (adjusted for inflation). Compare that to a median family income increase of only 147 percent. When directly compared, a four-year private university (like NYU) costs 78 percent of median family income. And tha

Insurers Embrace Most of Obama's Health Plan (Fox News)

Wed, 03 Dec 2008 13:03:52 -0800
The insurance industry opposes a key piece of President-elect Barack Obama's plan to require employers to help pay for health coverage.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

News flash on cosmetics products

Heidi and Spencer Not Legally Married Afterall

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:00:25 -0800
For a fame hungry couple, there is nothing like a secret marriage to get your name in the magazines and The Hills stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt did just that this past week when news of their elopment in Mexico leaked out. Well, the wedding was not legal as the couple not only forgot to obtain a marriage license, they also did not take part in a separate civil ceremony which is required in Mexico to make the union binding. Surprise, surprise! Not only did the couple claim to be mar

Random Writes

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 13:07:16 -0800
Random thoughts, hot debates, children's stories and all the way to some handy info on your pets at home. Welcome to Random Writes.

The current scoop about building a fireplace

The First Thanksgiving

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 08:27:25 -0800
It turns out the story of the first Thanksgiving wasn't entirely correct... Politically Correct that is. Follow the evil pilgrims on the boat, when they land at Plymouth, and at the famous Thanksgiving feast.

birthday party invitations in the news

It's 500 country!

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:43:03 -0800
I've only been to Indianapolis once, and while I've heard people disparage the place, I really enjoyed my stay. Found some good food, a couple fun bars, saw a bunch of cars turn left about 2,000 times. All in all, it was a good time. The Lakers are hoping for the same sort of hospitality tonight against the Pacers, as they kick off what is, at least on paper, a nice cushy three game roadie. Some pregame thoughts: However you'd like to mix and match these numbers from, you'll en

Monday, December 01, 2008

More news about social anxiety disorder

The Weather Channel Mobile Launches Comprehensive Weather Application for Android Platform

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 00:00:01 -0700
Atlanta, GA (Vocus) October 27, 2008 -- The Weather Channel Mobile] today announced the launch of its advanced mobile weather application for the Android platform. Available...


Sun, 30 Nov 2008 16:32:08 -0800
Made to order pet stockings for dogs or cats. Get 10% off the entire store. More fun gifts thru the link.

parenting programs in the news

New Fannie Mae finance chief to make $625,000 (AP via Yahoo! Finance)

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 15:07:35 -0800
Mortgage finance company Fannie Mae said Monday that new Chief Financial Officer David Johnson will make an annual salary of $625,000, slightly less than his predecessor.

Secretary Paulson Remarks on the U.S. Economy and Financial System

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 16:34:44 -0800
December 1, 2008 U.S. Department of Justice Press Release: Secretary Paulson Remarks on the U.S. Economy and Financial System Washington- Good afternoon. Thank you for the opportunity to provide an update on the current state of the U.S. economy, our implementation of the financial rescue package and strategies for use of the remaining TARP funds. Today we continue to work through a severe financial crisis. While we are making progress, the journey ahead will continue to be a difficult on

Time to Lead

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 09:55:21 -0800
On the 11th of December 2008, European political leaders will decide what their response to global warming is going to be. Last year, they agreed to a 30% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Now, with the downturn in the economy, that deal is under threat with only a ...

Doggie Steps

doggie steps is a dirt cheap way to get into doggy steps. Do you have the courage of your convictions.

I should keep on top of it. That's the long and short of it. This is a sad way to losing out to dog steps. You raise a very important point. I still have to do the right thing. This is a great discussion on dog steps. doggie steps will take a little more effort. dog steps is plug and play. Let me bend your ear on this a bit more. It does make sense to keep doggie steps. dog stairs is an absolute must.

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There is nothing special or different about dog stairs. dog steps needs every edge it can get. Regardless of the kind of performance you expect, here are the grim realities about doggie steps.

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Bill Kristol Calls for Medal of Freedom for Torturers & Spie

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 14:20:05 -0800
If Obama does not prosecute those responsible for torture and felonious spying on all of us, beginning with Bush and Cheney and on down, then he is guilty as an accessory to murder and crimes against humanity. This isn’t, as Kristol so deceitfully claims, a matter of partisan politically-inspired vindictiveness. This is the meting out of justice

Information About culture of India, India-map, India culture

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 10:08:44 -0800
Indiadarshan-yatra Provide information about India, Historical places of India, Travel Destination of India & culture of India, history of India, flag of India, India travel, population of India, economy of India, Jobs in India,India vacations,India Tour, Bank of India

Borger: Obama chooses experience over politics (CNN)

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 12:24:12 -0800
No doubt about it, the lineup is impressive. Choose any cliché: All-stars, A-Team, The Best and the Brightest and, of course -- this season's favorite --Team of Rivals.