Monday, January 26, 2009

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Broken Military Marriages: Another Casualty of War

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 07:16:35 -0800
We need to be aware of this problem and find a fix!

Ex DLA Islamic finance head launches new firm (The Lawyer)

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:54:11 -0800
DLA’s former global head of Islamic finance Oliver Agha has set up a firm in the United Arab Emirates, establishing a non-exclusive relationship with Pillsbury. ...

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What Other Adverse Effect Does Marijuana Have on Health?

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 12:02:44 -0800
What Other Adverse Effect Does Marijuana Have on Health? 1.Effects on the Heart2.Effects on the Lungs3.Effects on Daily Life

What Not To Do When Posting On Forums-A Rant

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 12:32:40 -0800
The author wrote a totally uncharacteristic post about a real pet peeve against a specific person who is a forum junkie and apparently has no clue how to win friends and influence people. It's kind of interesting to read her perspective.

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Quinoa - new wave health food.

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 15:52:57 -0800
Quinoa has so many health benefits, and is so versatile, not to mention an interesting way to spice things up, that we should all be eating the ancient grain! It was considered the gold of the Incans.